Cross-expertise and complementarity

The ODEON AVOCATS team is rigorous and responsive in analysing, handling and managing your legal needs in both an advisory capacity and for litigation matters.

« Proximity, understanding of the key issues and extensive knowledge in the domains of business and law are all assets which ODEON AVOCATS puts at the center of its service offering to its clients. »

Every year, ODEON AVOCATS offers internships to student lawyers or Master’s degree holders to enable them to complete their university studies with a professional approach in the field.


Victor GOZZERINO joins ODEON AVOCATS for 6 months to complete his final internship.

During his university studies, Victor quickly turned to business law and international law.

He studied for a year at the University of Rosario in Bogota, Colombia and completed an
LLM in International and Transnational Law at Laval University in Quebec.

He already has several experiences in the departments of Parisian law firms in litigation and
international arbitration.

In 2022, Victor returned to France after spending six months in the Defence Mission of the
French Embassy in Mexico.