Our Pro Bono approach

Access to justice is a fundamental right and must be effective for all citizens.

ODEON AVOCATS strives to be a true auxiliary of justice and is committed to causes of general interest.

Emeline ERAUD joined the InitiaDROIT association in 2020, whose mission is to open up the law to young people and introduce them to “Living Law”. Its objective is to make students aware of the importance of the law in social relations and their status as citizens.

Created in September 2005, in partnership with the Ministries of Education and Justice, InitiaDROIT is an association of volunteer lawyers, recognised as being of public utility, whose actions are part of the student’s civic education programme.  

From time to time, the members of the firm participate in operations organised by the Paris Bar, such as “L’avocat dans la Cité”, where volunteer lawyers go to meet Parisians to help them with their legal problems.

For several years, ODEON AVOCATS has also intervened in the context of ex officio commissions in criminal cases.